Post-Production Team

Mr. Ramy Katrib,

Mr. Edvin Mehrabyan,

and DigitalFilm Tree

Ramy Katrib is a cinétechnologist and one of the  founders and CEO of DigitalFilm Tree.  Edvin Mehrabyan is the president and the brain power, who pushes many technologies into the mainstream. Mr. Katrib and Mr. Mehrabyan and their team have served as post-production specialists on hundreds of films, such as the Academy Award winners The Long Way Home and Cold Mountain.

Since 1998, DigitalFilm Tree has played a definitive role in bringing revolutionary changes to the post production industry by pioneering innovative tools and workflows in a creative way. Clients include television, motion picture, independent, and first time filmmakers alike. Consulting clients are as diverse as today's media landscape.

DigitalFilm Tree is a unique creative hub where technology and art flow. Services include production, post, consulting, workflow design and everything in-between. All their work and methodology is managed and executed by one peerless team, in one seamless environment, for a user experience beyond compare.

DigitalFilm Tree is committed to offer the highest quality digital post-production services for this motion picture, and can customize workflows for this project's delivery and budgetary needs.

Visual Effects Team

Mr. Roger Kupelian

and Fugitive Studios

Roger Kupelian has been working in the indie film industry since 1992, and the Digital Effects industry since 1995.  He has contributed everything from storyboards production illustrations and concepts to final shots for major film projects.  He is well versed in many forms of visual media.  He has also specialized in creating digital environments and structures too expensive or simply impossible to shoot on location, everything from the surface of Mars to World War II Iwo Jima.

Roger has composed entire shots and worked with art directors to design cinematic sequences.  His work on Lord of the Rings resulted in a nomination for Best Matte Painter at the 2002 Visual Effects Society awards. His film credits include the Academy award winning The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Flags of Our Fathers, Charlie Wilson's War, Cloverfield among many others.

Co-founded by Visual Effects Artist Roger Kupelian, Fugitive Studios is a constant maelstrom of ideas and concepts, and is a scalable visual effects house.

Fugitive Studios is committed to create the digital environments for this project and bring it's unique cinematic world alive.